” The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
—Immanuel Kant


What’s preventing you from creating the highest quality life imaginable? Here are some possibilities:
• You lack clarity about what it is you really want
• You lack a meaningful reason about why what you want is important for you
• You are missing strategies & support to help you grow
• You have an internal conflict that is causing a lack of alignment between your mind, emotions, spiritual beliefs and your understanding of power (alignment of all these elements is the key for moving forward successfully). This work of group focuses on guiding you through the rich complexities of your internal environment– including your fears, un-tapped desires and limiting beliefs—to help you understand your motivations & decision-making processes more clearly. I can help you become more in-tune with your inner guidance, which has a critical part in clarifying your path, so you don’t work for decades on achieving what you think you want, only to finally arrive and realize, “This is not what I want at all. This does not bring me happiness and peace.” When you are perfectly aligned with your own intuition, you begin to make better, more guided decisions about what your life and business need to bring you the greatest levels of satisfaction and success.
Few people are living their full potential. Maybe you know some folks who are—those individuals who seem to achieve effortlessly whatever they want, whenever they want it—the entrepreneur who catches all the breaks, the woman who always has the most desirable men fawning at her feet, your acquaintance with the extraordinary career and marriage and boat and investment portfolio and zen-like energy…While the average person grapples through the daily grind, these unique individuals seem to coast through life enjoying success upon success. But truth be told, most of these successful beings have worked hard to get to where they are. What sets them apart is that they’ve mastered the art of tapping into their greatest potential. They know who they are and what they’re capable of becoming—and they keep their minds always focused in that direction. You may have lost touch with that certainty along the way. You may have shrouded it with doubt built up from years of societal pressures, experiences that caused you pain, or a stubborn Mind filled with fears and worries. I’m here to help you clear all that away.

Assertiveness is a relational and communicative style that is expressed in a series of social skills based essentially on respect for ourselves and others. Assertiveness means asserting your rights while respecting the rights of others, expressing your feelings and your views, and asking for what you want. Requirements for an assertive behaviour are a good self-image (self-esteem) and adequate communicative capacity. Assertiveness increases the person’s potential and encourages psychological well-being in individuals who use it. Each of us can “train” our own assertiveness in group meetings. The group offers a “protected” relational context, a small gym where you can practice how to feel better with others “acting” to act more assertively also in real everyday life situations.

Improve self-esteem through the development of appreciation, acceptance and love for ourselves. Acquiring verbal communication skills for an assertive behaviour: verbal conversation skills. Verbal defense skills. Learning how to express positive and negative emotions/feelings: address criticism, make and accept compliments.

Whoever wants to work on themselves to improve their self-esteem and ability to relate to their family, friends and acquaintances, with clients, with colleagues, with their own group, with seniors, with subordinates, increasing self-confidence and the ability to confront honestly to others.

The technique used is the Analytical Psychodrama. Thanks to this technique you can represent, such as a theatre, scenes or dreams. During the session, the animator may point out some elements of the speech or may invite to represent a part of the discourse: it is the so-called “game” and it consists in representing something which has happened or a dream, the subject is invited to play by choosing other members (the “I “auxiliaries) who will interpret the various parts that will animate the scenes of the story.
The role of the protagonist of the game is reversed and this allows to perceive aspects of ourselves present in the other person, letting us know even our most hidden aspects, thus improving our awareness and strength

Person in charge:

Dott. Maurizio Cottone

Experience Weekends 5 sessions
3 sessions on sat afternoon from 2 to 7 pm
2 session on sun morning from 9 to 12 am

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